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How We Work

Our efficient workflow ensures better communication, faster response times, and more successful appointments, leading to higher quality audit reports.
Ease begins with the first contact when our scheduling team reaches out to set up your client’s appointment. Our scheduling staff works in sync with our auditors and senior managers to rapidly adapt to any changes or requests, providing your clients with a relaxed and flexible experience. Additionally, the scheduling department ensures a strong start by informing clients what documents and information they’ll need for their appointment. When applicable, they’ll also obtain the necessary documents in advance of the audit appointment.
For many businesses, being audited can feel stressful, and so we consider it our job to help your clients through every step of the process. Our field auditors represent you with empathy, diligence and dedication.We prioritize professionalism and train our team to be courteous, patient, and helpful, always
Our auditors are integrated with our review team. Each audit passes through our review staff and our quality control team, at no additional cost to our customer. This team is tasked with verifying all classes, application of rules, development of final premium, and underwriting communication. Our review team communicates directly with your team, insureds, and agents as needed.
From start to finish, we maintain a clear line of command and attention to detail. Our production manager oversees the assignment of all audits to ensure appointments are filled and deadlines are met. At the same time, our director oversees the timely, accurate completion of reports. Continuous review by our QC department helps us catch any misses, spot problem areas and direct constructive feedback as needed.s time service requirements.
We know that the best results come from a cohesive, collaborative and communicative environment, and so believe in an open-door policy, where there is no question too small or silly to be asked. This applies from the most senior auditor on down.. Auditors can, and are encouraged to ask questions at any time to the director of field services, audit supervisor, and review manager. All reviewers participate in ongoing support to auditors.
Even the smallest and most obscure update or ruling is important to us. We take pride in staying abreast of the latest auditing policies and updating our team on Bureau memos. We maintain close relationships with the NYCIRB, PCRB, NJCRIB, NCCI, WCIRB, and distribute all revisions via email, manuals, and circular bulletins.




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