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How we are different

What makes NRM unique?

Trailblazing Tech
Our cutting-edge tools are revolutionary to the industry and make for a faster, more efficient process for everyone.
Online Submissions
From completing surveys and paperwork directly online, to uploading necessary documentation, policyholders have a fast and easy way to work through their audit.
24/7 Tracking
Log into your account anytime to gain a bird’s eye view on how your cases are coming along. And your policyholders can check the progress as well, providing them with the assurance they seek.
Thanks to our investments in proprietary technology, help for your clients is always just a screen away. NRM support staff can share screens with your client and easily walk them through any technical questions step by step.
GEO Mapping
This unique program gives our local field auditors an edge in their response time. It allows them to visualize where they need to visit, and create an efficient schedule, maximizing the amount of businesses they can visit and service per day.

A Cohesive Team

All our auditors work in-house, allowing us to control a tighter, better-trained team that delivers quality audits faster.

Rich experience and knowledge is key to a quality audit. Our mentorship program pairs all associate auditors with seasoned veterans who lead, guide, and oversee.


The staff has solid leadership who make themselves available at all times. We foster a culture where no voice goes unheard, and our entire team works together to lift, assist and help each other succeed


Clear, ongoing communication amongst staff members and clients ensures no details slip through the cracks and that required information is received and processed quickly and accurately.

An Efficient Process

From organized starts to speedy turnaround times, to careful quality reviews, our tried and true process brings you quick and accurate audit results.

3 Promises to an NRM Partnership


We give our staff the tools to make their jobs easier – this includes mobile mapping of routes, inside scheduling units, experienced on-call reviewers, integrated audit management system, automated audit worksheets with reduced “clicks”, education, and technical resources.


We recruit and train auditors with valuable skill sets. Most have a strong background in finance and accounting fields of study. Many staff members are also certified in APA 91, APA 92, and CPCU. Additionally, our quality manager has over 15 years of experience with the Test Audit programs in NY, NJ, PA and DE.


At the end of each audit, we complete a full review that includes manual rules, partner’s requirements, and prior experience. By being open to learning, changing, and improving as we go, we’ve been able to stay flexible and cutting-edge for almost 3 decades.